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Help inform individuals and give them the information they need when moving or visiting a city for an extended period of time.


Hotels are a great place for short term stays, especially business related trips. There are less headaches with hotels, as what you see is what you get.


People tend to use AirBnB for both short and long-term stays. With long term stays you can often find a better discount.

Real Estate

Permanent moves, relocation, or immigrating into the country, buying a home is always an option. If you area new immigrant it may be more difficult to get a mortgage for a house.

Causeway Bay Hotels and real estate. Find a short stay, vacation home or permanent residence. When vacationing or moving homes there are many factors to look at. From our surveys safe neighbourhoods and being close to work are two of the more important aspects when relocating.

One must also look at the cost of living from where you currently are to where you plan on going. In some instances costs may be double of where you are now. If you’re not prepared it will be quite the shock. On the other hand, prices could be cheaper and stretch our dollar further. That makes things a lot easier. Same with pay. If you’re looking to permanently move, you have to factor in your pay along with the cost of living. Some companies may pay less but if the cost of living is lower, you will actually have more money.

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